November Newsletter

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Hello loyal readers. So sorry for the delay in my innovative newsletter.

This year has been very busy with three homes hoping for completion prior to Christmas. Our biggest news is that this year for the first time we have entered our business in the following awards.

Firstly the Central Coast Business Awards, in which we where a finalist.

Then in the HIA Awards, which we are very proud to announce that we won the HIA Hunter Region Professional Small Builder. This is quite an achievement as it is not based on our actual homes and their design or quality, but on our business and its structure.

The reason we have undertaken such detail to business structure while still being a small business is for security not only for ourselves but also for our clients. Over 26 years of building we have seen many of our competitors become victims of financial despair, causing the fall of some brilliant builders.
To be able to forecast times of hardship or overload is a task that is difficult and time consuming. Dedicated staff that not only abide by our systems, but, help create them is the reason we were able to structure the detail needed to enter such an award.

So this is very much an award for our office staff and foreman.

Thank you.

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