Forresters beach – Renovation

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To say we’re delighted with our experience with Rustic Touch would be understating it.
Although this has been a renovation, we very much feel like it is a new house we’re moving into for the first time.
Despite our regular updates and site inspections, we are still amazed at the final outcome and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Rustic Touch in every capacity.
The outcome and quality are more than we could have hoped for, but beyond that, we’ve felt supported and well represented at all stages of the project.
Although we can’t name every person who’s been involved, we’d like to make special mention of our forman Craig who we had only fleeting contact with, but we’re sure had a significant contribution to the success and final quality of the executed work on site.
Naturally, we’d like to extend a huge thanks and acknowledgement of a job well done to all the other Rustic team members and the multitude of enlisted trades who were on-site throughout the exercise.
Obviously, a fantastic end result in this context is only made possible with a thorough and detailed plan. At this end of the experience, it can be easy to understate those early stages, but I’d like to thank Shaune for his professional, fast and detailed drafting work that laid the foundation (figuratively) for a job that, being a renovation, had so many unknowns lurking beneath the surface. Throughout the job, the plans provided us with the inspiration and confidence that what was to come was what we were hoping for and was a constant light at the end of the tunnel for us.
Tracey and Jamie were fantastic touchpoints for us to deal with on all things admin and were always across the current state of affairs and were never unable to help us out. Their diligence, promptness and attention to our requests have been vital. Dealing with us as clients both working full time with a primary school child in the times of COVID means we could often not find time between ourselves to discuss things at short notice during the day and as a result, being presented with a problem with a solution or an issue that has had a degree of processing already applied was extremely important to move these things along promptly and also taking our needs into consideration.
Although we’ve had plenty of opportunities to thank Tony and Deb in person, I’d be remiss not to mention here that they have been hugely supportive and their sage-like guidance and gentle restraining words have helped us keep our ambitions realistic and still achieve everything we’d hoped for.
Naturally, there are many I’ve been unable to name personally who’ve contributed to our renovation, so please extend this expression of thanks on to everyone and anyone involved and let them know their efforts have been greatly appreciated.
Thanks and best regards,
Justin, Clare and Lola.

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