Our client purchased a little ocean front cottage and though it was loved for family holidays for many years, the small sixty year old cottage, no longer suited their needs. This North facing site was a difficult battleaxe parcel on a generous slope. The client’s brief was to create a home with minimal maintenance, a private courtyard with plunge pool, whilst taking full advantage of the view.

We have used a combination of Armour Board plastic siding and Ultra-Clad to produce good lines in the external cladding, Modwood for the decking and privacy screens throughout the project to reduce maintenance. PVC, double glazed windows with built in venetian blinds, not only are maintenance free, they also meet high standards in efficiency and sustainability.

The central courtyard features a plunge pool, designed to give a private space for entertaining or just to relax out of the strong north-easterly winds, yet still maintaining the spectacular views through two large double glazed stacking doors.

Cross ventilation and solar gain were both easily achieved through the large expanse of double glazed doors and windows with views facing north, giving access to the north-eastern breezes for summer cooling.

The centrally positioned gas fireplace gives a warm ambiance to the open plan living area for when the ocean views aren’t so inviting and the double glazing provides the ability to utilize the views in those cold winter months without fear of heat loss.

Incorporating the Lotus Concertina door allows our clients the ability to close off a portion of the Living area to create a media room with great acoustics when required.

The Wood Comfort Oak floors are veneered with cork, giving the beautiful look and warmth of timber, while providing the soft under-foot feel of cork.

In respect of the old cottage that sat for so many years on this site, we have recycled the over-bar cabinet that was in the original Kitchen and resorted it to fit comfortably in the same position in it’s new home.