My building site is in a Coastal Hazard Zone within Wyong (now Central Coast) Council’s zoning. This required discussions and negotiation with Council’s officers and consultants to produce a design and a construction method which would comply with Council’s requirements, uniquely tailored for the site. The Rustic Touch team showed great professionalism and expertise in helping achieve a design which delivered what we wanted for the home, and in getting it built on an unstable sloping site.

They were adaptable enough to include the special building materials I wanted to use to cope with the harsh coastal environment. The house looks beautiful and has withstood the extreme storm surges, winds and rain which battered the coastline over the last few years and remained solid and watertight. We are very pleased with the result.

I am pleased with the selection of the cladding and roofing materials which have no external fixings, thus minimising the chance of corrosion in the testing coastal conditions. They also give a very neat finish.

The Modwood battens have helped give character, while masking the hardwood poles which were needed to support the house at sufficient height above beach level to comply with planning requirements.

The double glazing with built-in venetians has been a brilliant solution to the task of providing uncluttered viewing lines with protection from the sun, wind & spray.

The internal courtyard & plunge pool work very well to provide a secluded area so close to a popular beach.

The builders have done an excellent job in bringing these elements together to produce a sound and comfortable home ideally suited to its situation.